Gala Dance Bergslagen

Gala Dance Bergslagen is an initiative of the choreographer Ellinor Ljungkvist who with his artistry tries to embrace contemporary dance and performance art in a cultural political context. Together with dancers, musicians and costume designers, choreographic processes are carried out that result in modern dance performances.

Within Gala Dance Bergslagen's range are dance performances for children, young people and adults whose works are aimed at a wide audience. The children's performances are usually based on a classic children's book and the youth and adult performances on a concrete theme. Each work touches on something critical and references in the history of art and ideas are reproduced. The dancers perform with an underlying sense of humor and emphasize a clear narrative in their dance. The choreographies are carefully planned and the music and costumes newly created for each new work.

Ellinor Ljungkvist

Choreographer Ellinor Ljungkvist is educated at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, the Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin and a Master in Choreography at the Academy of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. She is a scholarship recipient of the Studienstiftung de deutschen volkes Germany, SrD - The Council for Regional Dance Development Sweden, Adolf Lindgren and Örebro County Cultural Scholarship.

Ida Hellsten

Dancer Ida Hellsten is trained at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. She previously worked as a company dancer at En-Knap Dance Group Company in Ljubljana, Slovenia for at least five years. She participates in independent projects mainly in Sweden and teaches contemporary dance, yoga and pilates.

Jessica Andrenacci

Dancer Jessica Andrenacci is educated at the University of Music, Art and Show and the Accademia Danza Giselle in Italy. She has previously worked as a company dancer at Regionteater väst in Borås for a period of several years. During her employment, she has worked with several guest choreographers. Today she participates in independent productions for established freelance choreographers mainly in Sweden.

Maria Teresa Tanzarella

Dancer Maria Teresa Tanzarella is educated at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and the University of Trento, Italy in literature and philosophy as well as cultural heritage in music and performance. She participates in independent projects and runs her own dance-related projects. She has initiated a collective for research and production whose performances tour in Sweden and Germany.

Mira Jägemar

Dansaren Mira Jägermar är utbildad på Balettakademin i Göteborg och Kävesta folkhögskola i Örebro. Hon har dansat för frilanskoreografer nationellt samt ingått i ett flertal samarbetsprojekt. Hon undervisar dansklasser för unga inom modern och nutida dans. I nuläget är Mira bosatt i Örebro och deltar som ensembledansare i Rosea Dans, Sjöängens egen dansensemble. 

Signe Willmarsson

Dansaren Signe Willmarsson är utbildad på Balettakademin i Stockholm inom modern och samtida dans och på Kävesta folkhögskola i Örebro. Signe är från Karlstad och jobbar nationellt. Hon medverkar som dansare i frilanskoreografers projekt och undervisar dans och träningsklasser. Signe deltar som ensembledansare i Rosea Dans, Sjöängens egen dansensemble. 

Love Andersson

The dancer Love Andersson is educated at the Dance and Circus School in Stockholm. She has created her own dance group together with other newly graduated dancers. Their projects focus on participatory art and integration as well as performances for children and young people.

Emelie Wahlman

Dancer Emelie Wahlman is educated at the Academy of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. She often appears in smaller company productions whose works are aimed at children and young people. She has experience of touring throughout Sweden and meeting audiences through interactive stages.

Amanda Billberg

The dancer Amanda Billberg is educated at Iwanson international education in contemporary dance in Munich, Germany and Master in new performative practices at the Dance and Circus School in Stockholm. She has worked with alternative performing arts projects presented in the countryside in addition to touring internationally with self-produced solo projects such as to Tokyo, Iceland and Germany. 

Sonjis Laine

The dancer Sonjis Laine is educated at the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm and at the University of Helsinki in sociology. She works as a freelance dancer in collectively run dance projects and as a coordinator at dance festivals in Finland. She has visited various places in Europe in relation to her studies in dance and sociology.

Miranda Wallmon

The dancer Miranda Wallmon is educated at the Academy of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. She has participated as a dancer in several independent projects and created her own solo works that have been presented in various contexts in Sweden.

Alexandra Svensson

The dancer Alexandra Svensson is trained at the ballet academy in Stockholm. She participates as a dancer in independent projects and creates her own choreographies for young and old and contributes as a jury member in the holiday practice in the various counties.

Julie Rasmussen

Dancer Julie Rasmussen is trained at the School of Modern Dance in Copenhagen, Denmark. She participates as a dancer in independent productions and is a coordinator at established dance festivals in the Nordics. She tours nationally with self-produced and others' works to England, Japan, Norway and Denmark.

Mikael Karlsson

The musician Mikael Karlsson is educated at Örebro Academy of Music in contemporary music, composition and arrangement. He works at the Pops Academy in Stockholm as a guitar and composition teacher. He writes and produces music for performing arts, film, concerts and exhibitions in the open field.

Annelie Nederberg

The music and sound artist Annelie Nederberg is educated at Strömbackaskolan in Piteå, Gotland's Composer's School, Gothenburg School of Art De Montfort University in music, technology, drama, as well as a Master's in research and composition at De Montfort University in England and a PhD in composition at the University of Surrey. Annelie experiments with sound in different constellations in addition to her position as a professor at the Academy of Music in Stockholm.

Karin Bjurström

Costume designer Karin Bjurström is educated at Örebro Art School, Kubens Art School in Örebro, Gerrit Ritveld Academy in Amsterdam and Konstfack in Stockholm in liberal arts, ceramics, textiles, design and fashion. She runs her own clothing brand and dyes and sews her own clothes. She participates in performing arts productions and produces costumes for dancers, artists and actors both for artistic and commercial purposes.

Charlotte Persdotter Andersson

Costume designer Charlotte Persdotter Andersson is educated at Konstfack in ceramics, glass and crafts. She has previously worked as a ceramicist at the artists' collective workshop and art teacher at upper secondary school level in Örebro. Currently, she paints pictures and sews clothes for musicals and dance performances and works in psychiatry.

Charlotte Ostritsch

The illustrator Charlotte Ostritsch is educated at Eberharts Karls universität Tübingen, Lund University, Örebro School of Art and Umeå Academy of Arts in art, language and culture. Charlotte works as a teacher at Örebro Art School and as a freelance artist. She draws, paints and illustrates.

Magdalena Isaksson

Magdalena Isaksson is trained at the ballet academy in Stockholm. She works with administration at Region Örebro County and Gala Dance and as a dance teacher at the cultural school in Karlskoga. She has experience in coordinating, organizing and teaching.

Christel Molin

The producer Christel Molin have many years of experience within the field of performing arts. She has worked with development of touring and artistic production for Nordberg Movement, Dansstationen Malmö and Dunkers kulturhus Helsingborg and at Gala Dance.  

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